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Séminaire axe DEVSencea : conférence Andrei Cimpian

Nous organisons un séminaire de l’axe DEVSENCEA : le lundi 16 mai de
14h à 17h en MR005. Nous aurons le plaisir d’accueillir Andrei CIMPIAN,
professeur de l’université de New-York.

Il interviendra sur le sujet suivant :

Based on Billions of Words on the Internet, PEOPLE = MEN

Recent advances have made it possible to precisely measure the extent
to which any two words are used in similar contexts. In turn, this
measure of similarity in linguistic context also captures the extent to
which the concepts being denoted are similar. When extracted from
massive corpora of text written by millions of individuals, this measure
of linguistic similarity can provide insight into the collective
concepts of a linguistic community, concepts that both reflect and
reinforce widespread ways of thinking. Using this approach, we
investigated the collective concept PERSON/PEOPLE, which forms the basis
for nearly all societal decision- and policy-making. In three studies
and three preregistered replications with similarity metrics extracted
from a corpus of over 630 billion English words, we found that the
collective concept PERSON/PEOPLE is not gender-neutral but rather
prioritizes men over women—a fundamental bias in our species’ collective
view of itself.

Présentation de l’auteur :

Andrei CIMPIAN, earned a PhD in psychology
from Stanford University in 2008 and is now Associate Professor of
Psychology at New York University. One of his main areas of expertise
is academic achievement and motivation. Among other topics, he has
investigated common cultural beliefs about intellectual
ability—including stereotypes about who has such ability—and the
effects these beliefs have on young people’s aspirations and
achievement. In a second line of work, Dr. Cimpian investigates the
development of children’s concepts of natural kinds and social groups,
and their explanations for what they observe in the world. Dr.
Cimpian’s research has been published in top journals such as Science,
Behavioral and Brain Sciences, and Psychological Science, earning him
the 2018 American Psychological Association Distinguished Scientific
Award for Early Career Contribution to Psychology. Media outlets such
as The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, NPR, and The
Economist have covered his work.

Au plaisir de vous y retrouver,

Raphaële Miljkovitch
Pr. Psychologie du Développement
Laboratoire Paragraphe
Directrice adjointe Ecole Doctorale Cognition, Langage, Interaction


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