Laboratoire Paragraphe | EA 349
Universités Paris 8 et CY Cergy Paris Université

Lines of research (2020 – 2025)

This project was developed by all the members of the Paragraphe laboratory. It will be carried by 48 Teachers/researchers (including 11 Pr and 33 MCF and 4 PAST).

Paragraphe is characterized by a triple competence in CIS, psychology and ergonomics. It is characterized by modeling work, the design of digital creative devices and the production of applications and prototypes through methodologies of analysis, action research and research and creation. Its research focuses on issues that cut across the fields of investigation, on-going hybridizations that the next five-year plan will aim to amplify and develop. Examples of the cross-cutting issues worked on include storytelling, creative imagination, accessibility, working conditions. The laboratory builds a conceptual range to understand the questions of development of people and technologies which are as many opportunities to cross disciplinary fields and to innovate. For its next five-year term, Paragraphe’s main objective is to explore, in an interdisciplinary way, the practices and processes of design, innovation, mediation, use and interaction in their relationship to the technological and human devices that frame them. It then appeared that the team structure lacked the flexibility to achieve this objective. The structuring in axes seemed more flexible because what defines the axis is a research theme, therefore a set of works and activities that can be interdisciplinary. Thus a researcher working on 2 themes can emerge in two axes. In addition, a given theme can be approached from several points of view and by distinct disciplines. These reflections led to the creation of 6 axes built from the themes worked on by the members of the laboratory. Quite logically, the structuring of these axes closely follows the structure of the current teams and remains largely disciplinary, but the necessary groupings and modifications have been made. Automatic return line
In order to develop and make visible the interdisciplinary dynamics, as well as the flexibility that motivated the transformation of the teams into axes, the structure includes, alongside the axes, inter-axis research projects. These aim to experiment with interdisciplinary approaches, possible modifications of themes, or even a redefinition of certain axes. They can be set up over water. The structure of the laboratory will be evaluated internally at mid-contract and we will then decide on any changes to the structure.

Digital devices: production, uses and communication modeling (DiNuPUMoC)

Responsables : P. Bootz (MCF-HDR), I. Saleh (Pr) Participants : G. Azemard (Pr Emerite), P. Martin (Pr), A. Gonzales (MCF), H. Hachour (MCF), L. Leroy (MCF), C. Noy (MCF), E.Reyes (MCF-HDR), S. Szoniecky (MCF), A. Laborderie (Dr. PAST), R. Mouren (post-doc), 8 doctorants.
The Digital Devices axis focuses on the interrelation between the cognitive, instrumental, communicational, semiotic and technological dimensions that digital devices establish in communication. Through approaches that (...)

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Programme Séminaire Art à l’ère de l’IA - La Louvière

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Séminaire ADC-PARAGRAPHE - Mercredi 15 mars 2023 - 16h30 - 18h

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Séminaire ADC-PARAGRAPHE - Mercredi 22 février 2023- 16h30-18h

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Web Studies 4 - Call for papers, artworks, and demos - In-coop ACM SIGWEB

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Lancement 17éme édition de la conférence H2PTM’2023

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journée d’études interdisciplinaire « Approches interdisciplinaires du vivre et du faire à l’ère numérique » le vendredi 17 février 2023 de 9 à 18 heures à Paris 8

Le laboratoire Paragraphe organise une journée d’études interdisciplinaire « Approches (...)

Séminaire ADC-PARAGRAPHE-Mercredi 11 janvier 2023- 16h30-18h

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Appel à communication - 5ème éd. Frontières Numériques

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Journée d’études interdisciplinaire du laboratoire Paragraphe - 17 février 2023

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